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Keeping our hands clean is a key step in staying healthy, according to the Department of Health “Hand hygiene is crucial in reducing transmission of infections” and the best option for effective hand washing, when they are visibly dirty, is to use warm, soapy water and ensure you cover all hand surfaces before rinsing and towel drying. Hand washing isn’t just good hygiene to help stop you getting sick, it’s a skill, one that you use every single day. Studies show that routines and habits are unlikely to vary after the age of 9, so it’s never too young to teach kids to be hand washing champions!


Meet Handy and the gang!

Handy the Octopus is a hand washing champion,
As you would expect from someone with 8 tentacles to wash.
Did you know his favourite hand wash is Foaming Raspberry?
It bubbles and foams, making it fun and easy to clean!
Simon is Handy’s pet starfish, Simon loves to play!
Simon loves running around inside and outside,
He loves playing with the hand wash foam
Matilda is a mermaid, she is one of Handy’s best friends.
She loves collecting sea shells and singing.
Matilda loves to decorate her house with lots of pretty things!
Fred the fish has fun when he plays;
Trips to the park and games with friends fill his days.
Fred doesn’t like germs, and always makes sure to wash them away.
Abby the crab loves her friends;
She likes going to their parties, eating fun food and playing fun games.
Abby washes her hands with soap and water;
Just as Handy the Octopus had taught her.
Brian the sea lion loves to play outside;
Where he bounces his ball until he gets tired.
Brian sometimes forgets to wash his hands when he goes inside,
but Handy helps him remember with fun songs and posters.

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Because germs can’t be seen, felt, tasted or heard, making them real for children can be difficult. Story, song, movement, drawing and games are great ways to raise awareness of the importance of hand washing while making developing a hand washing routine fun!

Parents & Teachers

Hand washing educational resources
Handy the Octopus Saves the Day Book
An engaging children's book, to help educate children WHEN and HOW to wash their hands.
Handy Saves the Day in Your Pre-school
A Washing Education Program - Teacher's Guide
With the engaging program mascot, Handy the Octopus, and the 'hands-on' program resources, we aim to help you reduce the spread of germs and make hand washing a fun and regular routine for children.
When to wash your hands poster
A poster of Handy's friends teaching kids when they should wash their hands.
How to wash your hands poster
A poster of Handy's friends teaching kids how they should wash their hands.
Hand washing champion sticker
A fun sticker to award kids who do a good job with washing their hands.

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